Brand-new uniforms for Qantas staff. Travelling between Australia and Europe became even more stylish.

17 April 2013 | dmc australia, incentive travel australia, qantas uniform, travel in style

Qantas unveiled the fruit of a year-long labour: brand-new uniforms for 12,600 uniformed staff. But who is the guy behind the design work…

At 15 he dropped out of High School, at 16 he launched his own ready-to-wear fashion line, at 18 he was featured in Vogue Australia and at 20 he became the Cointreau young designer of the year.
And it doesn’t stop here of course as after he moved to Paris he took the world by storm.
His immense success even allowed him to politely turn down an offer from Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton to take charge of its fashion label Celine. 

Source: AFP

Here is the whole story and why Martin Grant got involved in Qantas project