Swim with Humpback Whales in Western Australia

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On Australia’s Coral Coast in Western Australia, nature enthusiasts, incentive travel delegates or luxury travel aficionados visiting Australia have the opportunity to swim with humpback whales. It is possible from July to August in Exmouth and Coral Bay.

Humpback whales were previously classified as an endangered species in the area, but conservation efforts have boosted the mammal’s population.

In Australia incentive travel delegates or luxury travel aficionados can venture out into the Ningaloo reef and swim with humpback whale. For more ask your destination management company Australia, UNIQ Travel & IncentivesSomething very few have experienced, and almost all who have will remember for the rest of their lives!

Nature enthusiasts visiting Australia, incentive travel delegates or luxury travel aficionados can venture out into the big blue of the Ningaloo reef, and swim with a truly massive, truly majestic humpback whale. And be stunned and mesmerised and awed by their size, grace and very presence.

The Department of Parks and Wildlife selected one operator to participate in a trial of humpback whale swimming tours in 2016. Whether the trial continues beyond 2016 is unknown at this stage.

So if you are after a truly unique experience for the small group of incentive travel delegates, have them in Australia during this season so they can enjoy and get up close and personal with a humpback whale.

Another major attraction in Western Australia is swimming with whale sharks at Ningaloo Reef. Visitors to Australia can join a whale shark watching or snorkelling tour from Exmouth or Coral Bay. Every year, between mid March and mid July, these gentle giants of the ocean congregate in the Ningaloo Marine Park following the mass spawning of coral. Harmless to humans, they are the world’s largest species of fish and can grow up to 18 metres in length.

The opportunity to swim with whale sharks in the Ningaloo Reef region attracts visitors from far and wide to Western Australia. It’s one of very few regions in the world where they congregate regularly in coastal waters and are easily accessible for whale shark tours.

Find out more about whale shark watching tours on the Ningaloo Reef and contact your destination management company Western Australia >>