About EU

Director at UNIQ Luxury Travel & Incentives Europe was born in Poland. Luiza immigrated to Australia almost ten years ago and currently lives in South Australia, famous for its fine food and the best wine in the world. She lived and travelled in Central and Eastern Europe, and is passionate about truly unique experiences this region has to offer. Her travel management company UNIQ Luxury Travel Europe crafts unique itineraries for the travellers, who want to discover authenticity in the heart of Central & Eastern Europe and embrace culinary delights of this region. With offices in Poland and Australia you can be sure you will be looked after by UNIQ team.

“Every single one of us has got unique, independent attitude and we celebrate this with our customised offer. Whether you are a group of friends or a corporate team, we will listen to your needs and provide packages and experiences that will suit your needs.”

With our support, travel around Central & Eastern Europe with confidence.

Director, UNIQ Travel Europe